Local DJs stache up for charity

Some people get knocked into the dunk tank for charity, while others get auctioned off to the opposite, or same sex, for a night on the town.

While these are perfectly sound methods to raise money, KJEE 92.9 FM morning show co-hosts Adam Lundquist and Spencer Fischer have taken a less wet and awkward route: they call it “Mustache March” and so far, they’ve raised $1,800 for Multiple Sclerosis.

It would seem easy enough. But according to Lundquist, growing a mustache for the last 24 days has been anything but easy.

“It’s hard because you don’t look so great,” he said, apparently forgetting the majority of the Daily Sound newsroom sports heavy facial hair. “Pretty much everyone around us knows we’re not doing too good. Some people are calling it the celibacy march.”

As Lundquist and Fischer were getting pictures of their mustaches taken yesterday, the duo’s co-workers could be heard taking jabs.

Adam Lundquist and Spencer Fischer

One person suggested the men fill in the patchy growth with mascara.

Lundquist acknowledged he and Fischer have been the butt of jokes. But he acknowledged, “They’re pretty much right on all of them.”

Lundquist said “Mustache March,” a take on NCAA basketball’s March Madness, is in its third year and so far 30 local businesses have committed cash to the cause.

The rewards for “sponsoring” the event are several instances of impromptu name-dropping during the KJEE Morning Show.

Lundquist said the more money donated to the cause, the more times he and Fischer will find a way to mention the business.

The two men, if you still believe they’re men after seeing their mustaches, plan to keep the facial growth until the Walk MS events on April 4 at Leadbetter Beach.

Lundquist said there’s plenty of room for more donations and anyone interested in contributing can call the station at 899-3292 during the show.

He said all the money raised will be donated to Walk MS.

By COLBY FRAZIER — March 24, 2009 / Daily Sound, Local News