How to DIY Fade Haircut with Scissors

Doing a fade haircut with scissors on your own may be a little hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine. Mastering this may save you a lot of time as well as money, and that is something you want right? But just make sure you are perfectly prepared for this step because you don’t want to mess up your hair.


How to Fade Hair with Scissors

Doing fade cut with scissors may be a little difficult because you will need a lot of professional tools. Let’s not forget that shampoos and conditioners, blow dryers and towels are the most basic tools. Hair trimmers, scissors, of course, a comb and a mirror are also the basics you’ll be needing.

Also, make sure you have a pair of thinning scissors. See these tools are not just something you may have laying around in your house, so you might just have to purchase or at least borrow some of these things.


Wet It

wet the hair before getting scissor fade haircut

Always start off with your wet hair which has been dried down with a towel. Also, be sure on what fade style is it that you are going for. Always have your idea ready to go. Take your clippers and do one side at the time.


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Work It

clippers for a fade haircut

When handling those trimmers you need to pick a right guard. The lower the guard is, the shorter the fade cut will be, so remember that golden rule. Now, if you have a bundle of hair you may want to trim it as much as possible because you will find it easier to work with less amount of hair.

Most men go with the number 2 or 3 for starters. Be really still if this is your first time and rather do it slowly rather than to hurt yourself.