The Coolest Curly Hairstyles to Adopt Right Now

Some may think that having curly hair is a curse whereas some other may thank the nature for bestowing them with curly hair. Apparently, haircuts for men with curly hair is a matter of great concern. It seems to be a bit messy and a great nuisance to bear. But, curly hair is actually better in terms of the texture and volume of the hair. It can be styled easily as it allows more styling with fewer hair products and has a great variety of haircuts.

Naturally curly hair can pose a few challenges, but it also has the advantage of looking fuller and standing out from the omnipresent crowds of straight-haired, side-parted clones. Guys have embraced curly natural texture and those with naturally straight hair have even opted for texture services at the salon.

First of all, you should know that not all curly hair is created equal so your curly hair will not be styled the same as the curls of other men depending on how different the shape of your hair is so chose wisely between hairstyles for men.


Men’s Curly Hair types:

  • Wavy: this is the hair type of Adrian Grenier and Hugh Grant
  • Coiled: this is the hair type of Justin Timberlake and Corbin Bleu
  • Kinky: this is the hair type of Will Smith and Denzel Washington

Some mens curly hairstyle sub-types:

  • Coifed Curls
  • Natural Waves
  • Groomed Texture
  • Short Defined Curls
  • Full, Long Curls
  • Short Full Curls
  • Full Framed
  • Neat ‘N Natural
  • Curly Shag
  • Separated Spirals
  • Sexy Spirals
  • Timberlake Tribute


A few tips:

  • If your hair strands are on the thicker side and you can’t manage the day to day styling, ask your hairstylist for some razored out pieces haphazardly cut throughout as this will give your hair more manageability and also be less buffi.
  • Don’t use a dry matt product as this will only make your hair larger than life.
  • To keep your curls looking soft, make sure you use a moisturizing conditioner to keep hydrated.
  • When having your haircut, cut the very ends, as this gives curls more softness rather than cutting a blunt straight line which will only give the illusion of a “boxie” hard edged appearance.

Long hair looks best when it is healthy and nourished. For dry or frizzy hair, leave-in formulas may work better. Regular trims eliminate split ends and keep men’s curly hairstyle a flattering shape.


Ideal Curly Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyle changes with the passage of time. The nature of fashion is arbitrary. No one can make it stable. The same thing goes with haircuts for men with curly hair. New hairstyles are produced every day across the globe. One must cope up with the dynamic pace of haircuts to get a trendy hairstyle. Check our top picks for men’s curly hairstyle to get inspiration.

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