15 Men’s Long Hairstyles to Get a Sexy and Manly Look in 2022

A full head of hair, also known as mens long hairstyles, was always a sign of health and good genes, so don’t you dare to hide it in 2022 guys!

Because it represented their connection to the earth, the native americans kept their hair, it allowed them to sense their surroundings better. Also, royalty kept their hair long as a sign of status and wealth. And even warriors kept it long as a sign of virility and prowess on the battlefield. To cut ones hair in the past was to castrate a mans…manliness.

Finally popularized again by skateboarders and surfers, mens long hairstyles got into mainstream and can now be seen on celebrities and models.

While long-haired men are sometimes associated with rebels, they also represent artists, intellectuals or pretty boys with gentle or affected manners. Whatever the association, the man is mysterious and often appear vivacious. It is estimated that about 5% of the male population worldwide had mens long hairstyles.

Men have their own reasons to let their hair grow long. For example, to avoid the barber shop or to change their lifestyle quitting daytime job and starting an online business. But there is no doubt, mens long hairstyles stand out in any crowd.

However, this cool look comes with investments. Long hairstyles require frequent washing, conditioning and usage of hydrated products to nourish and moisturize the hair, boosting its natural shine.

How fast does hair grow?

Firstly, it takes courage for a man to let his hair grow. But the most difficult part in growing hair long is the transitional phase, in which the hair is not quite long enough for sweeping it behind the ears. In this phase, the hairstyle looks and feels awkward.

The typical hair growth rate for an adult male is 1.2 cm per month. For example if you have hair that is 5 cm long, it will take you five months to grow your 11 cm long.

Also, there is no miracles, forget about miracle potions or about brushing your hair hundreds of times per day. But you need to be patient.

Finally, regular aerobic exercise, proper sleep and foods rich in essential Vitamins will help grow hair faster, when stress increases the risk of hair loss.

How to care about your hair

The most useful tool for mens long hairstyles is your fingers. We strongly recommend you to use your fingers for most of your hair styling and leave the comb. But if you decided to use the comb anyway it’s very important to use a wide-tooth comb.

First, begin brushing at the tips while holding the rest of the hair in your other hand to avoid pulling at the scalp and hair roots. Tangles should be worked out with the fingers to avoid stretching and damaging hair strands, causing breakage and split ends which will prevent your hair from growing at all.

Also, You don’t need to wash your hair everyday it actually strip your hair of its natural oils, making it dry and brittle. But a good conditioner helps to limit tangles, replace natural oils and provide moisture.

Lastly, avoid washing your hair with hot water, and instead use warm or cold water. Cold water increases the shine in your hair.

It’s also essential to trim your ends if you want to preserve the length. If you don’t take care of your ends in time, later you will experience breakage and other hair problems. Refresh your ends every other month to keep your ends healthy!


Types of long hairstyles

There are two main hairstyles for long hair: down and up.

  • Down style is when your hair is left loose and dangling.
  • Up style is when your hair is tied, either all of it or the majority of it. It can be a man bun, top knot or ponytail.

But there are more than 20 different hairstyles for long hair, let’s take a look at some of them.

Middle part

The middle part hairstyle is the epitome of long mens hairstyles. Parting your hair in the middle is very simple and you can use either your fingers or a comb.

Side part

In the side pat hairstyle you get to divide your hair at either of your two temples. Remember, parting your hair on the right means in Spanish-speaking countries that you’re gay.

Slicked back

For the long slicked back hairstyle, we recommend you to use a strong-hold hair gel to keep your hair slicked.

Side fringe

With the side fringe, most men will keep their hair at the 7 cm length.


Another classic, the ponytail hairstyle is the most famous type of popular mens haircuts for long hair.

Man bun

Man bun is one of the most cool mens haircuts for long hair today. All you need is an elastic hair band to choke all the hair that you want in the bun.


Most cornrows hairstyles do not look long, but you actually need at least 7 cm of hair length to get some aesthetically-pleasing cornrows.


Because this type of mens hairstyles is quite famous for those who admire skateboard, it is called skaterboy. The ends of the hair are a bit shaggy while the side part is quite deep.


It makes a great casual as well as formal look. You will need a good pomade or gel to style your hair in case you have very silky hair.

Wavy mane

Men with voluminous and free flowing hair will be proud to wear this wavy mane. The longer you grow your hair, the better your curls will be.

From the slick back hair, the combover, shaggy long hair to the pomp. Although remember not all stylish mens haircuts will work with every guy, you can always make modifications to your personal liking.

While some haircuts for long hair are effortless and look the best when you keep them natural, others might need practice.

While mens short hairstyles may be more manageable, long guys haircuts opens doors for more creativity and styling options to experiment for you and hair stylists.

Check out 40 different mens long hairstyles and see for yourself are you still up to carry long locks.

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