Mens Sportswear Guide : Fashionable at the Gym in 2019

Men most frequently look at the gym as a means to an end – a place where they will build their ripped bodies, which they can later show off outside their workout place, but it doesn’t mean you can’t also look stylish at the gym, make sure to read our sexy mens sportswear guide for 2019 below. Time to learn a thing or two from the fairer sex – style is not just a matter of location, it’s something you should always carry with you.

That does not mean, however, that you should exercise all dapper-looking in a suit and with a sleek hairstyle. But, if you have thought that this is another day you’ll go to a gym in your white undershirt and some hideous shorts, think again. Here are some sexy mens sportswear examples that should help you look your best, even if your sweating is the worst.

Sexy Mens Sportswear Guide

A Fashionable T-Shirt

Since undershirt is not an option, you will have to try harder. The crucial thing that determines whether or not your gym shirt is good for you is the fit. A too tight model will send the message that you are trying too hard to be noticed, while too loose t-shirt will hide your muscles and all of your hard work will be invisible.

You can go for a funny statement shirt like “Grammar is important, but big muscles are importanter” or some cool superhero print. If you prefer a bit toned down look, opt for a monochromatic t-shirt. You should also have a long sleeve performance shirt for colder days.

sexy mens sportswear

Tights Are a Fashion Yes-Yes

Believe it or not, tights are a trending and sexy mens sportswear. More and more people are supporting it, not because of their often pleasant appearance, but also because they are comfortable and functional sexy mens sportswear. By no means should you wear additional layers of clothes over your tights as this would make you feel restricted and trapped.

… But Classic Is Classic…

You can never go wrong with a classic piece such as workout boxers. They are functional and comfortable, and if you choose solid dark colors, they can be very versatile. However, if you’re wearing your monochromatic t-shirt, you can combine it with printed boxers (military, Hawaiian flowers, etc.).

sexy mens sportswear

The Essential Pairs of Shoes

If you are taking your exercise seriously you will probably need three pairs of shoes for different workouts and activities – running shoes, technical shoes and shower shoes. A good pair of running shoes will get you through the treadmill, while technical shoes will provide you with ideal support for weightlifting. Again, solid colors are your best option.

Track Pants

Just like you need a long sleeve t-shirt for colder days, you will need a tailored track pants (which are, by the way, a great hit on the runways, so you can wear them outside the gym too). Choose a solid color, such as black or grey, that can be easily combined with other pieces. If you lean toward more fun pieces, try color-blocked pants.

sexy mens sportswear


Gym accessories are becoming more and more popular and not just as functional items, but also as sexy mens sportswear additions. So keep your eyes wide open when choosing a gym bag (leather duffel would at the same time be a great weekend bag). As for the high-tech accessories, you will need earphones (noise-cancelling are the best, especially if you are not a fan of your gym personnel’s musical choices), fitness trackers, etc.

The Gym-Approved Grooming

If you are a heavy-sweater, choose a high-quality deodorant, and apply it several hours before hitting the gym. If you apply it by night, you will reduce your chances of inflammations. Use powders which absorb moisture, for your feet especially. Facial and hair sweat may seem hard to get rid of, since you cannot use deodorant on your face, but you can use facial wipes, vinegar and honey, etc.

Now, dress up, it is the time to pound the track, it will go much easier with sexy mens sportswear.

Written by Peter Minkoff

sexy mens sportswear