21 Famous Soccer Player Haircuts [2019 Update]

Football is a well-known sport and it has millions of fans around the globe. The world has witnessed so many greats of the game. In modern football, the famous soccer player haircuts are the most copied thing after their playing styles and gestures.


Popular Soccer Player Hairstyles

The article will highlight all such soccer players with their unique hairstyles. The details are as follow:

1. Classic Faux Hawk – David Beckham

David Beckham's Faux Hawk Style

It’s the David Beckham look.

Ideal for: Heart, round oval, and square face shapes.

How to Style: To achieve this soccer haircut you need to have short sides with the hair falling in front of your temple brushed back.


2. Top Knot – Gareth Bale

soccer player haircuts

Gareth Bale’s top knot is a great example of how all football players do not prefer short haircuts.

Ideal for: Oval, heart and round face shapes.

How to Style: For long hair, this is an easy and simple hairdo. Simply pull your long hair back into a neat bun or top knot.


3. Blowout Hair with Tapered Sides – Lionel Messi

famous soccer player hairstyles

This is a signature haircut and rose to popularity when Lionel Messi wore it.

Ideal for: Square, heart, and oval face shapes

How to Style: This classic messy style can be achieved with tapered side effortlessly. Just use setting gel or pomade to create a firm quiff on the top.


4. High Bald Fade – Antoine Griezmann

Soccer Player Hairstyles

It is short, easy maintenance and simple soccer hairstyle.

Ideal for: Heart, square, diamond and oval face shapes

How to Style: To create this faded hairstyle, you have to get your sides faded high up with a trimmed top level of hair for a sharp look.


5. Long Mohawk – Mario Balotelli

soccer player with mohawk hairstyle

Mario Balotelli stands out in this hairdo and appears aggressively rebellious.

Ideal for: Oblong, square, round, heart-shaped faces.

How to Style: This soccer player’s haircut calls for shaved sides and long hair at the center top that can be achieved using a hair gel.


6. Modern Slick Back Haircut – Granit Xhaka

This is a typical gentleman hairstyle for soccer players who like to keep it short.

Ideal for: Round, oval, heart, square and triangle face shapes.

How to Style: For this hairdo, you will need to get undercut sides and you can neatly style your hair by combing them back using a hair gel.


7. Faux Hawk Fade – Neymar

Neymar adorned a variation of the Mohawk with blond faux hawk making his fashion game strong.

Ideal for: Square, round, heart, and diamond face shapes.

How to Style: With undercut sides, and a dyed faux hawk this Neymar hairstyle can be best done by an expert stylist for an impeccable look.


8. Short Pompadour with Undercut – James Rodriguez

This modern hairstyle will suit both men and boys alike.

Ideal for: Heart, oblong, diamond, square-shaped faces.

How to Style: Easiest to style, use a hair setting gel on your hair and create spikes on top. Taper or get undercut on the sides to create a flawless uncluttered foothball player look.


9. Long Wavy Man Bun – Graham Zusi

Get a rough and tough, edgy and manly look with this man bun.

Ideal for: Oval, round, and heart-shaped faces.

How to Style: Just gather all your hair on top of your head and tie them into a man bun. Most suited for men with wavy hair.


10. Mohawk Fade – Stephan El Shaarawy

soccer player hairstyle for men

This is a super chic soccer player hairstyle for men.

Ideal for: Heart, round, diamond and oval face shape.

How to Style: To carry this look you need to have high undercut and faded sides and have your short hair styled with pomade to create this soccer hairdo.


11. Coils to Extreme – David Luiz

Don’t have straight hair to try different looks? Flaunt your curls and coils like David Luiz

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to Style: You don’t need to style them at all, just shower and dry them and let them be for a natural and dynamic look.


12. David Villa Style

If you are a David Villa fan then this short straight hairstyle is for you.

Ideal for: Heart, diamond, oval, square face shapes

How to Style: It is a low maintenance soccer haircut that can be achieved using a gel and a brush.


13. Tousled Quiff – Gianluigi Buffon

Juventus fan alert!

Ideal for: Oblong, diamond, oval face shapes.

How to Style: Get your sides shaved off and style the remaining hair on the center in a loose and tousled quiff to give you an unkempt look.


14. Punk Hairstyle – Arturo Vidal

Vidal is famous for his new hairstyles.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to Style: Suitable for short hair this style can be achieved with shaved sides delicately detailed with shaved designs and a Mohawk on top to finish the look.


15. Tramlines – Javier Pastore

best soccer player hairstyles

Tramlines haircut suit all men alike. And when it comes to soccer players, it makes them look great.

Ideal for: Oval, diamond and square face shapes.

How to Style: Style your hair with tramlines on the sides and spiky long or short hair to look cool.


16. Loose Wavy Locks – Carles Puyol

Got wavy and curly locks and too lazy to style them?

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to Style: Use a styling gel on damp hair to keep you is the wavy and curly locks intact. It is one of those haircuts for soccer players that are easy to achieve.


17. Platinum Blonde with High Fade – Aaron Ramsey

This style by Aaron Ramsey is rebellious and unique.

Ideal for: Oval, square, heart, diamond, triangle face shapes

How to Style: This would involve taking help from an expert stylist to get your hair dyed platinum blonde with high fades from the sides to look dapper and sharp.


18. Shaggy Haircut – Fernando Torres

If you love your long hair, then give this soccer player hairstyle a shot!

Ideal for: Oval, square, round and heart face shapes.

How to Style: Let that long hair bangs fall on your face, easy and simple.


19. Crew Cut with Beard – Gerard Pique

The cool guy look!

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to Style: Get a crew cut and use pomade to create spikes from the hair on top. You may choose to style long top short sides haircut with a beard.


20. Ivy League Haircut – Graziano Pelle

soccer haircuts for guys

Want sleek and neat looking hair? Here is your best bet.

Ideal for: Oval, heart, diamond and round face shapes.

How to Style: With short tapered sides, you can use a hair gel to neatly create a quiff and lightly comb it back. With a side part and beard, this hairstyle looks cool.


21. Blond Curls – Deandre Yedlin

soccer player with blonde curly hair

If you are Mohawk guy, then go for the dye to change your look.

Ideal for: All face shapes

How to Style: Pair with undercut you can get your short curls dyed blonde and rock this soccer hairstyle.