45 Guys Haircuts That Drive Girls Absolutely Crazy

Last time men have been sporting different guys haircuts and have actually have been putting more effort than usual in styling… and this all because of girls around.

When you choose your new mens short hairstyles based on age, the face shape is the most important factor you should consider. There are different facial shapes: oval, the square, diamond, heart, triangular and round. So when you decided to change your look please think about it.

As a guy you want to be trendy and stylish than ever but don’t want to spend a lot of time. Here comes low maintenance mens hairstyles like a classic Ivy League Haircut which is cut aggressively close hight up the sides and back. Another option is totally shaved head, it an easy to do at home and doesn’t require shaving with a razor and shaving cream. But sunscreen is required if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun. Who don’t want to look like Jason Statham?

jason statham hairstyle

Bu there comes a time in every guy’s life when he needs to keep things classic, and slick back hairstyle is one of options of nice mens long hairstyles. This cut has been sported by public figures, business moguls and Hollywood stars from the 1920s all the way through to present day. Just look at beardy men around and you will notice the trend.

One useful tip: If you like the haircut barber gave you, stick with him and tip well, but don’t forget to take pictures of the front, back, and sides for future reference.

Here is a few tricks that will help you to get your woman in the mood and also can be nice in a sexual context.

  • Touching her legs
  • Holding her face by her chin
  • Putting your arm around her shoulders when it’s hot
  • Tickling the backs of her knees
  • Set the scene for a romantic interlude
  • Prepare her by telling her what you will do to her tonight
  • Occasionally turning your conversations into sexual matters
  • Tell her you love her warm smile, or her soft skin
  • Encourage her to describe fantasies in detail and email them to you
  • Bring her in front of the mirror and tell her to watch what you are going to do to her, verbally describing each act of foreplay

If you will go to such troubles to get a woman, on an unconscious level through her senses and in consciously thinking she will get in the mood for sex very fast.

Let’s check cool guys haircuts that drive girls crazy.