Trends of brilliant Ivy League haircut you need to know

If you’re looking for a more professional hairstyle the Ivy League haircut or sometimes the Princeton haircut is perfect for you. Just by the name you can tell the what kind of image you’re portraying. A very clean cut, conservative, perfect for work hairstyle you can’t go wrong with.

What Is Ivy League?

Ivy League is basically a group of most eminent and top universities and colleges of Unites States. These are well known for their excellent academic records. Columbia, Harvard and Princeton are also included in it. Ivy League Hairstyles are initially the haircut of their students and that’s why it is also known as Princeton Haircut or Harvard Clip on the name of these universities.

If you want to get a proper Ivy League haircut, you should ensure to denote to your barber what length you want at the top (front and back) so that a good taper can be done. The hair on the back and the sides is tapered to different lengths of your choice, either to a clipped length or scissor trimmed. Likewise, the line of junction between the sides/back and the top must be evened out with scissors so that there are no sharp edges.

Real Madrid soccer player Xabi Alonso is known for sporting an Ivy League haircut.

How to style an Ivy League haircut:

  • You should part the hair to the side, with the parted line starting at either temple.
  • Style it with your fingers rather than with a comb, although you can use the comb to give the initial directions to the hair.
  • Pomade, hair gel and hair mousse enhance the volume acquired through finger-combing.

It will give you nice and elegant formal look and one of best choice as business hairstyles for men.

Since an image is worth a thousand words, here is examples of Ivy League haircut:

Crew Cut

Ivy League Haircut

The crew cut is a very classic and sophisticated men’s look. A low maintenance look that features short hair on the sides and back, with the hair on top left a little longer.