How to get popularized faux hawk hairstyle

Mens Faux Hawk Hairstyle always looks cool, and it was popularized by David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. It has been around for decades dating back to the punk rock movement, but it still continues to remain relevant due to constant updates.

Essentially it is a haircut that is cut partially into a Mohawk, but not all the way.

How to cut a faux hawk?

The sides are generally clipped short with the hair longer in the top where it can be spiked or formed into a point, depending on hair texture.

Faux Hawk hairstyles for men can be anything you like as long as the basic shape is maintained. It is also a great haircut to try when you want a new look that adds an element of drama and some extra interest points to your regular haircut.

  • In the classic look the sides are just low enough to look neat and appropriate, while the top is left significantly longer so that it can be spiked to give the style the Mohawk look.
  • Another version is Swirl Faux Hawk where the sides are faded practically to the skin, while the longer top portion is styled into an intricate swirl shape.
  • In the Front-Combed Faux Hawk you accentuate the point-cut ends and the front-tilted quiff that shapes a cool silhouette of your style.
  • Curly Faux Hawk is done on naturally curly hair, the sides are low and faded.
  • In the Spiked Faux Hawk while the sides are clipped short, the top and nape are left longer and then shaped and spiked into an amazing Mohawk.
  • In Buzz Cut Faux Hawk a traditional buzz haircut is given a boost by leaving the top a bit longer to form a small faux hawk.
  • Deep Part Faux Hawk is parted deeply on each side and then faded, while the top is more understated and simply combed back.
  • Extreme Faux Hawk features neatly tapered short sides, but the long, sharp and extremely spiked top section is what sends heads turning.

Many men make the mistake to style their Faux Hawk when their hair is dry. Damp hair is much easier to style and have its shape consolidated. Remember that damp hair only means “slightly wet” hair! To give the final retouches to the hairstyle, you may use a regular comb to further detail the Faux Hawk and you may also use a hair dryer to enhance the volume of the crest.

Check out examples of Mens Faux Hawk Hairstyle below:

mens faux hawk hairstyle