Epic formula to get popular Hi Top fade haircut

The Hi Top haircut was a very popular hairstyle among the African-American male community during the ā€™80s, and it is a hairstyle that greatly suits men with afro-textured hair. Since kinky curly hair defies gravity at medium lengths, this curl type suits the Hi Top greatly as this hairstyle needs the hair to stand up evenly. Probably when you hear hi-top fade, I immediately think of Kid from Kid ā€˜Nā€™ Play.

A perfect example of a Hi Top hairstyles for men is Will Smith during the first season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. As the seasons passed, Will Smith had the top done shorter and the fade was lowered, nearing a conventional Fade haircut. The style fell completely out of fashion by 1997. Today the Hi Top’s popularity has picked up once again.

The top of the head should be between 1 to 4 inches in length, which, with curly kinky hair, leaves the hair standing upright and perpendicular to the floor. Taking advantage of this perpendicular position of the hair, you then use a hair clipper to flatten the ends of the erected kinks to form a flat surface. The sides and back of the head are done with no guard attached to a hair clipper except for a very narrow band of hair, about 1 inch in width, going from temple to temple.

The styling of the Hi Top haircut:

  • Keep kinks moisturised by using a leave-in conditioner and natural oils.
  • Use your fingers to direct the hair up and ensure that no locks of hair are breaking the overall shape of the top.
  • Pay special attention to lifting up the strands bordering the top.

Check out examples of mens hi top haircut below:

mens hi top haircut