35 Stylish Men’s Haircuts You Should try to Stand Out

A great men hairstyle can do wonders on him. It speaks tons about a style, it pulls a look together, and it emphasizes an outfit.

World has exploded into a few guys haircuts trends that have become quite iconic for our times: from mens long hairstyles, to mens short hairstyles, to man buns, to the pompadour, to the burr cut, all the way to the ubiquitous fade undercut.

stylish haircuts for men


The million dollar question mens asking around is “How to choose the right mens hairstyle?”

To identify cool mens haircuts it’s crucial to remember about your face shape and hair texture.


Oval face shapes are considered the ideal and looks best with a classic short cut and undercut. The trick here is to not wear your hair down on your forehead, but backwards, to avoid making your head round.


For round face shapes you have to create the illusion of height and angles, so keep your hair really short on the sides, and longer on top. Avoid buzzcuts as they tend to round the faces. This is one of the stylish mens haircuts.


Triangle face shapes always look best with shorter on the side, more volume on top haircuts.


The square face shapes guys can play with any popular mens haircuts, from a classic undercut to a slicked back hairstyle that’s perfect for all occasions. You can even try a messy disheveled look, which is great for curly hair, or a buzzcut.

Now let’s talk about your hair texture.

Wavy hair tends to look best with most mens hairstyles cause it has volume and movement, when curly hair can look absolutely great as an edgier version of the undercut. If you have a straight thick hair avoid wearing it slicked back, but thin straight hair looks best in a simple short classic cut.

As for receding hairlines, you can cheat the balding and the years a little bit by letting your hair longer on top and styling it in a messy way to create the illusion of more hair.

One more tip is to always have a photo of a look you’d love to emulate on you when you’re going to a barber. They might not give you that look per se, but they’ll keep it mind and adapt it to your face shape and hair structure to get you the best of offered stylish mens haircuts.

Remember, hair always grows back and it is all about having fun with looks and fashion.


Check out stylish mens haircuts below: