10 Legendary Indian Army Hairstyles for 2019

The Indian army haircuts are generally very short. It is an ideal hairstyle for the army officers who find managing their hair hectic and time-consuming. The hairstyles for the Indian men in the army are sassy and make you feel comfortable and fresh whenever you are on duty.

The fresh haircuts are not only supposed to be worn by the recruits, but also the veteran army officers. These elegant hairstyles offer timeless designs that are nifty and effortless to maintain. With the sides which are fade-styled and defined details that keep you looking professional and nifty, Indian army hairstyles are an excellent choice for the men in different professions.

Whether you choose to shave all your hair or opt for defined structured crew or you choose an Ivy league, these Indian military haircuts will get you always ready for action.


Popular Haircuts for Indian Men in Army

Army haircut was invented for the soldier due to its easy and hassle-free maintenance. Check these 10 army hairstyles for the men in the Indian army, who knows you might end up falling in love with one or more of the styles!


1. Indian Army Cut

indian army hairtstyles

Many red-carpet regulars are sporting this gorgeous hairstyle. It is more common among the older Indian army men. The young generation doesn’t seem to get the meaning of this haircut.

It is an Indian army haircut that offers you a sassy and complicated look. It has been on trend for the last two decades. It is styled with the hair length more than two inches long.


2. Ivy League Haircut

army haircut for indian men

The standard ivy league hairstyle is a trendy modification of the crew cut. It is a combination of the click at the side parts, the short haircut crew, and the side swept design. It is an ideal haircut for the men who want a classy yet trendy style.


3. Regulation Cut

army hairstyle for men

A regulation cut is one of the hairstyles for Indian army men that is identified easily by its extended proportions. It is ideal Indian army haircut for the men who want to tame their hair easily, but they don’t want to cut all their hair. To achieve it, subtly part the hair with the corner of a comb and use a hold product to secure the hair.


4. High and Tight

high and tight military cut for indian men

The beauty of the high and tight lies in its cut so make sure the barber who styles it for you is a professional one. He should be able to understand the parts of your head service and know how to blend the hair perfectly. The essential thing is an experiment- identify the elements you want to boost and trim them accordingly.


5. Crew Cut

indian men's army haircut

This is one of the legendary hairstyles for Indian men in the army. It is easily identifiable because of its noticeable shape and sleek proportions. It is undoubtedly a failsafe army inspired haircut.

The crew cut is suitable for enhancing more definition to the shape of your face. While most of the hair is styled to the shape of your head, the portion of the hair which is longer is styled at the hairline in the front.


6. Induction Cut

This is a vintage cut for the new Indian army recruits, as the name implies. It is one of the radical armies inspired trends. This hairstyle was used in the old days to hinder the spread of head lice which was a significant threat amongst the soldiers.

It is suitable for those with oval, or squire shaped faces, as the shapes of faces can accommodate a little to no hair. Besides all that, it needs little to no maintenance.


7. Military Fade Haircut

indian military fade haircut

This army haircut is styled by shaving the hair short at the sides and the back. The hair is gradually up to the top in a faded pattern. Though the soldiers in the military are supposed to keep very short hair up top, you can choose to modify fade haircuts to your preferred hair length.


8. Burr Cut with Fade

This Indian army haircut is ridiculously short but still holds true to the design. An excellent army cut is all about short length with effortlessly faded sides. This cut will make any Indian soldier enjoy his profession.


9. Classic Burr Cut

indian army hairstyle for men

New hairstyles for Indian army can be fun, but this is amongst the classic haircuts that will never go out of the fashion trend. It is a one-length hairstyle that is achieved with clippers and a low guard. A chin stripe is thrown over to accentuate the haircut.


10. The High and Tight Recon Haircut

hairstyles for indian army men

The high and tight recon hairstyle is an exciting version of high and tight. The recon is styled at the top on the scalp, creating a landing strip looking like a rectangle.

The hair at the back head and the sides are clipped short, and the remaining hair forming a landing strip is trimmed but at a longer hair length usually, guard number four.


Ready to change from your regular haircuts and select your next Indian army haircuts? There are many haircuts that you can choose to wear, either on or off duty.