How to Create Cornrows Hairstyle to Stand Out

NBA basketball player Allen Iverson is a perfect example of mens cornrows hairstyle on a man who always keep them fresh even when he has to go sweat it out on the court. The hairstyles for men are very creative and stars like R. Kelly, Ludacris, and Omarion has made it very popular. People are now adding dollar signs, stars, and other symbols in the braid design.

Mens cornrows hairstyles are numerous, and range from straight braids to more complex and dramatic looks.

Cornrows hairstyles are created by making knots in the hair strands very close to the scalp. You can wear it in different fashions. The knots can be made in different manners like straight, curvy, slanting or circular; depending on the kind of look the wearer wants.

How to braid cornrows:

  • Plan your style. Having in mind what your end goal looks like will help you to form a path for getting there.
  • Wet the hair. Spritz some water, or water mixed with detangler, on the hair. Comb or brush it through to remove all major tangles. The hair should be slightly damp, but not too wet.
  • Part the hair. Start with a section of hair in the front, where you want the first cornrow to begin. Put the sides of the hair that you aren’t braiding in two pigtails so they don’t get in your way. Move other hair out of the way so that you have a clear path to follow. Then take a small section of hair where you want the cornrow to begin.
  • Separate the first section into three strands.
  • Make a normal braid of about 2 “stitches” to get it started. Pass the right piece under the middle, the left piece under the middle, the right piece under the middle, and the left piece under the middle.
  • Start cornrowing. Holding the two outer strands aside, reach down under this initial braid to add a little hair to the middle strand. Fully merge this new hair to the middle strand so that it becomes a part of it, and you again have 3 strands.
  • Secure the cornrow. You can use a snap bead, hair clip, end bar, barrette, bolo tie tip, or whatever you like, just so long as you will be able to easily remove it later.
  • Start the next row. Loosen a section of hair next to the first section. Make sure it’s the same size as the first section.
  • Finish cornrowing the rest of the hair. Work methodically to create even cornrows running from the forehead to the nape of the neck. The cornrows should each be the same size.

Check out examples of mens cornrows hairstyle below:

mens cornrows hairstyle