The Coolest Short on Sides & Long on Top Haircuts for Men

The incredible and versatile short on sides and long on the top haircut is one of the most popular styles. This men’s hairstyle looks good no matter if you are trying different textures, volume or color according to your will. This look is just not suitable for the professional but casual look as well. This haircut usually works with most of the faces. This look is quite famous in the boys these days and celebrities are adopting this style as well.


Short on Sides and Long On Top Hairstyles

So there are lots of ways to style the short on sides cut. There are a number of gels and mousse in the market through which you can make your haircut stays longer. At the time of choosing any product for your hair make sure it has no harmful chemicals in it because it will style your hair once but later on, all your hair shine will be gone.

Let’s go through some of the short on sides haircut for men with the small details you need to style them.


Curly Faux Hawk Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

curly faux hawk with short sides and long top

To get the right kind of look of this hairstyle, you need to let the long curly thick hair grow on the top of your head while keeping it short from the sides. This hairstyle is going to give you a handsome look and for the styling purpose, all you need is a mousse or a gel. The more you keep it rough, the more it will look amazing. This style is best for the muscular and tough face cut. Curly faux hawk short requires heavy volume on the top. These sexy hairstyles are also recommended for you.


Slicked Back Short Sides Long Top

Slicked Back Short Sides Long Top

For the professional makeover, this style is going to change your personality. With the help of little gel, you can make this style stay little longer. The best kind of hair for this look is silky hair and with the help, you can slick them back. For the desired texture, keep the volume on the top thick. This short sides long top haircut is suitable for the men with a heart-shaped face.

Slicked back short sides can be styled with the addition of little gel or mousse.


Disconnected Undercut Short Sides Hairstyle

Disconnected undercut style is not going to stop anytime soon and from the last few years, it’s one of the favorite styles of boys. You can add some contrast in this style by adding some color and highlights in your hair. The sides must be lighter and weight of the hair must be on top but styled on the left side. This short on the sides and long on top hairstyle is suitable for the oval shape face and for the styling only gel is enough. Disconnected undercut style is perfect for the casual look.


Tapered Pompadours Short Sides

short sides long top hairstyle men

This beautiful pomp has some techniques of cutting. There must be longer strands on the front and short strands at the back of the head. With the help of straightening rod and gel, you can style the look. This hairstyle is ideal for the heart-shaped face and muscular as well. This style is best to flaunt your facial features clearly. This style works with little wavy hair as well.


Unformed Pomp Cut

short sides and long on the top hairstyle men

This style is included in the men’s short on sides and medium on top hairstyle category and this one is absolutely amazing for the formal look. For the styling purpose, straightened the top of the hairstyle and add some gel. It has a resemblance to the traditional pompadour cut but it’s quite rough in styling. This look is ideal for all face shapes. Unformed pomp can be handled with just a hand.


Flat Pomp and Side Parts

short sides long on top haircut men

For this men’s short on the sides and long on the top hairstyle, you don’t have to get the thick volume. The volume should be enough to cover the top of your head and sides must be short. This style is formal and suitable for people in the business world. This look adds a modern touch to your personality and this is timeless style. You can wear it for the whole year and people will still compliment you. By little gel it will be styled easily and suitable for heart face cuts. Flat pomp with the side part is easiest to maintain and style.

These short sides and long top hairstyles for men are something timeless and suitable for the casual and formal events. It doesn’t require your lots of efforts and give you a handsome look.