30 Cool Men’s Haircuts for 2022 That’ll Give You an Iconic Look

Let’s keep it short and simple so you can read, learn, and be armed with everything you need to keep the capstone of your personal cool mens haircuts looking sharp in 2022.

A guy with a clearly cool haircut is a guy who cares about his appearance and people know that. It’s like wearing expensive Italian shoes with silver buckles or an expensive designer suit with a visible trademark.

It’s important to create accidental contradictions. The neater your hair is, the neater your clothing should be too, and vice-versa.

Remember, each hairstyle is basically a combination of three factors:

  • The kind of hair
  • The way your barber styled it
  • The products and processes you use to take care of it at home


Hair Length

basic hair length types for men

As for length we can break hair down into three basic style families: short cuts, medium cuts, and long cuts.

When mens short hairstyles can stand up on their own, medium cuts encompass most traditional side-parts, but mens long hairstyles meaning can vary dramatically from culture to culture. What is interesting it’s possible to have quite long hair while going bald, as hair loss starts at the top and front of the scalp and spreads from there.

Thick hair affects both the appearance and the maintenance needs of your hair. If you have a thicker hair you can wear longer styles, but it requires a lot maintenance to keep the hair looking cool. Also you need to keep hair regularly shampooed as this keeps the hair from turning limp and clumping, as well as avoiding an unsightly sheen.

But as professionals we recommend you to stick to popular mens haircuts like a buzz or fade instead of long hairstyles.


Proper Hairstyle Treatment

proper hair treatment for men

Cool men’s haircuts need proper treatment to stay healthy. Most guys’ routines consist of shampooing, toweling off, and combing. For some haircuts that’s enough, for others not.

Daily shampooing will end up stripping off healthy oils and forcing to overproduce its natural oil. But if you are exposed to a large amount of dust particles, daily shampooing can help.

Men with oily hair should rinse regularly but shampoo infrequently. Over time the hair will adjust and begin to produce less oils.

Marketers try to sell conditioners for every type of hair, but it’s wrong, it should be used only if your hair is naturally light or dry.


Hair Styling

different hairstyles for men

Wax is one of the oldest products for cool men’s haircuts and been around since before the Roman empire. The disadvantage of styling waxes is that they resist washing – it can take several rinses and stiff scrubbing to get wax out of styled hair.

On the other hand, pomade is a synthetic grease used to make hair slicker, smoother, and shinier. In 40-50s they became the businessman’s cool men’s haircuts. The disadvantage of pomade is that hair starts to clump together in long, stiff sheets rather than smooth curves.

Hair spray is one of the stiffest “fixers” for a hairdo. It works best on cool short haircuts for guys make them look spiky.

Hair clays use powdered mineral products to provide stiffness instead of fats or waxes. It is extremely useful for men who like an artfully tousled look that appears unplanned and natural.

The comb should be kept in your pocket or at least in your bathroom. Men with longer hair may need to have a hairbrush.


Hair Dye

men dyeing his own hair

Guys are fortunately more resistant than girls, in general, to the temptation to dye their hair blond no matter what they actually look like. A few generations ago hair dye was a purely change for women but today men especially kids and teens use from bright green mohawks to red hairstyles.

If your goal is to make a bold statement or to blanket gray hairs out of existence, home dyes can work well for cool hairstyles. Anyone can look at you and say “yeah, okay, he’s dying his hair to hide the gray”.


Sporting a Cool Hairstyle

coll hairstyles for men

There are many ways for men to look handsome, especially if they want to attract women attention and create a positive impression. No doubt, wearing stylish and fashionable clothes is one way but the best way is to have cool haircuts. Each year, thousands of new hairstyles for men emerge and are tried out by men in order to look good and impressive.

A definition of cool haircuts for men could be of anything that suits your face shape and change your personality, you can become a hair trendsetter in your social circle.

Sporting a cool hairstyle can soon see a man become a real fashion icon. The famous rockstar Jon Bon Jovi cut off his big trademark ‘hair rock’ and everyone went into meltdown. David Beckham has retired from the sport but remains a fashion icon that young men aspire to emulate.

With Chris Hemsworth being voted the sexiest man in the world, Thor hairstyle received considerable attention as a result of its fuller appearance and versatility. It’s no surprise that cool long hairstyles and man bun surfer are in trend now.

Men want to adopt the look of their icons and barbers around the world have to update their design portfolio to keep up with the demand for new guys haircuts.

But picking a cut that doesn’t suit your skull is a bad idea, easily avoidable mistake many men make when sitting in the barber’s chair. Sure, your favorite athlete’s chop might look great on him, but if you don’t have the same face with a strong jaw it’s not going to sit the same.

Physique, face shape, posture and skin color all play a part in choosing the right hairstyle.

It is awesome that new hairstyles emerge every year and some really cool men’s hairstyles become very popular haircuts and fashionable indeed.


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